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Hey! I am sorry to inform you that I am now going to post totally off-topic random shit!

But... well, I guess you understand Thai language, eh? I don't know anyone who does, and I'm curious about this here, lol ...

These Ukrainian crazy people are on a supposedly uninhabited Island belonging to Thailand, with the intent of playing survivalists for a month.

Well guess what! They noticed they are not alone there.

Do you understand what that half naked guy says? (well at first he seems to just say "eat eat eat", but he makes other utterances, if ever so brief ones)


He turns up again once more at ~ 13 minutes. It seems somewhat uneasy with the one guy holding a melee weapon "just in case". But those "rookie survivalists" were scared shitless the night before when the jungle dude surprised them, turning up out of nowhere.

While one might easily think this to be staged, for entertainment of their patreons...

Well. Those guys have done crazy shit over the years, including bathing and fishing in water close to Chernobyl reactor, breaking into an old Soviet military compound in Kazakhstan to see the Buran "Soviet Space Shuttle" prototypes.

I don't think it's staged. Well not by them. If anything, by the guy who sold them the "tour" (boat trip, and picking the island, really)

The guy could be someone in trouble with the law, hiding on the island, perhaps...

They haven't posted from their solar panel charged phones & sattelite internet connection for some days now, I hope they are well.

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laughing all the way...sweet. thanks

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💔 Beautiful woman, beautiful voice, beautiful baby.

Was hoping for a Max cameo!

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